Hawai'i Watchable Wildlife
Promoting responsible wildlife viewing in Hawai'i

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“While gathering community input for the Hawaii Tourism Strategic Plan, we became aware of the need to provide better, more accurate information to our visitors and residents on Hawaii’s natural resources to help preserve and protect those resources. We also heard about the need to direct visitors to more appropriate sites, and away from the more sensitive and endangered areas.  This guidebook will help us to do that while also educating our visitors and residents on the wonderful array of wildlife available in Hawaii.”
Rex Johnson, President and CEO, Hawaii Tourism Authority

"The Watchable Wildlife Program will provide an important interface between people and nature. It will help visitors and kamaaina alike become more aware of the wildlife around them and build an appreciation for our native species and the habitat they need to survive."
Sam Gon, Director of Science, The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii

“The Hawaii Watchable Wildlife project provides a unique opportunity to help residents and visitors better appreciate, observe and protect our islands' native wildlife. More importantly, the project will help coordinate the efforts of various agencies and organizations to offer wildlife viewing opportunities at select sites throughout the state while reducing the impacts of inappropriate wildlife viewing practices in sensitive areas. With the growing popularity of nature tourism and interest in viewing Hawaii's native marine mammals, turtles, fish and birds--it is critical that everyone follow accepted viewing practices and support wildlife conservation efforts”.
Ray Tabata, Chair, Hawaii Watchable Wildlife Steering Committee


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